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Divorce Recovery Ceremony

The most iconic social celebration in our culture is the wedding ceremony. It brings together two families and unites them one. It gives birth to the marriage relationship. It begins on high, and the couple promise to remain married to each other until death do them part. Sometimes the spirit may be willing, but the body may be weak, and divorce may well be the best solution. While people enter the marital relationship with the intent of lasting relationship, the reality is that most marriages break down, some within six months or the first five years, for various reasons.

Marital separation, loss of romantic relationship, breakups and divorce can be absolutely heart wrenching, devastating, stressful and painful to both couples and the families and friends involved. Divorce represents a profound and fundamental insult to your health and wellbeing and research shows that they significantly impact the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health of both men and women and children. The approach you take to your divorce How you cope with a divorce or cope with a breakup would have a profound effect on your life and the lives of those around you.

So, you may find it absurd to hear that you need to celebrate your divorce. Just as a good funeral ceremony facilitates the grieving process of the bereaved, so also a good divorce ceremony can facilitate the emotional healing process from the divorce and bring to birth the new normal and make you ready for what the future has in stall for you.

Susan J Elliot says, “while the aftermath of a breakup can be a devastating time, unbelievable as it may seem when you it can also be a tremendous opportunity for life-changing growth. Asare in the throes of heartache, this can be a rich and fertile time when you are most open and ready to make your dreams come true. A breakup can actually be a liberating time when you take charge of your life and make positive change happen- instead of waiting around for it to happen to you.”

Benefits of Divorce Ceremony

  1. Acknowledgement of the reality of the divorce: The ceremony is in a sense an acknowledgement to yourself, family and friends of the reality of your divorce. Acknowledging the fact that your marital relationship with “A” has come to an end enables you to become emotionally and psychologically ready to accept that a chapter in your life has come to an end and begin the process of inner reorientation that brings you back into a vital relation to people and activities.
  2. Mark the ending: Divorce or relationship breakups constitute one of the major transitions or turning points in a person’s life. Throughout history, humankind has always used rituals to mark the seasons; in the same way, we need to mark the end of one phase in your life and the beginning of another and the divorce ceremony helps you to do just that.
  3. Boundary action: The divorce ceremony acts as a boundary action or event which marks a clean break with the past. Boundary events and actions send a signal, and calls attention to the break between the old way (married life) and the new (divorcee/single). They convince people (sometimes more than words) that the divorce is for real.
  4. To mark an ending of your marriage is to acknowledge the impact that the divorce has on your life; it is to honour the person and experiences that were important in your life and relationship.
  5. The divorce ceremony will challenge you to redefine yourself, to think about where you have been and where you are going, to see the world and your place in the world in totally different and new ways. It enables you to take charge of your life and make positive change happen- rather than sitting around, being drench in sorrow, waiting and hoping for it to happen to you.
  6. The divorce ceremony has the potential to help you disengage from your past life (marital status) emotionally and psychologically.
  7. The divorce ceremony will help you to put into words the hurt, pains, and the humiliation you feel because of the divorce and get the support you need from the people who enhance your sense of worth.