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Four Things you are NOT to do when coping with a breakup

You will find a plethora of articles on the internet telling you what to do when going through a breakup. These tutorials miss out something equally important. They do not tell you what not to do during a break up! Following tips should help make the process easier on you since they outline things you shouldn’t do when going through such an uber-emotional process! 1. Avoid Looking for a Reconciliation There can be a million reasons why you might want to do this. It could be you thinking that the relationship started on the wrong foot. Maybe you could reconcile and start it the right way, you think. Don’t! You might also be thinking that things ended for the wrong reasons. If you could only talk to them and ask them to try again… Don’t do that either! Since break ups are emotionally charged situations, you might end up in a worse place than you were before. What this means is a break up can stir up feelings of rejection in us and if your ex refuses a reconciliation, you will end up feeling even worse! 2. Switch It Off! Once the break up has happened, you might think of going online and unfriending your ex. While you may think the experience will be cathartic, it can also lead to other avenues. Once you are online, you might be tempted to scroll through their profile. You would tell yourself you are doing this to see if the break up devastated them as it did you. Don’t! It is not worth to put yourself through that just for a social media cleansing. It is highly likely that you will only be delaying your emotional recovery, if you keep doing that. 3. No Glorification of Hurt It may be that your partner cheated on you that resulted in the break up. It is also possible that most of the fault lies on their side. However, being resentful and glorifying the hate that you feel won’t be good for you in the long run. Holding on to that resentment is never productive. Instead of wasting your time being angry and resentful, why not indulge in behaviour that is not self-destructive. Of course, this does not mean that you should avoid the pain associated with the break up. Feel it and talk about it but do it to get over it and not because you want to hold on to it! 4. Health Matters too Gorging on foods that are bad for you may seem like rite of passage when it comes to dealing with post-breakup stress. However, staying healthy matters too. In fact, if you can use exercising and staying fit to divert your hormone-filled brain, then you will have regained a certain degree of control. Feeling as if you are in control is important because one of the reasons break ups hurt so much is the chaos and change that they bring with them. Break up is already exhausting for your mind and body. By avoiding some of the negative things mentioned above, you will have made the process just that much easier to get through. Keep at it!


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