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Funerals and Memorial Service

“There is a time for departure, even when there’s no certain place to go” (Tennessee William) “
Great is the art of beginning, but greater the art of Ending”(Henry Wadsworth LongFellow.)

Funerals and Memorial Service

All cultures and civilizations through the ages have cared for their dead ones in a special way and developed their own funeral ceremonies and rituals. They underscore the significance and the magnitude of the loss of life.

Rick Taylor wrote: “For many of us, life is like a big game. The object of the game is to do everything we can not to land of the square marked “death”. We reach for immortality by eating right, exercising, driving defensively, and the list goes on. And yet, no matter how healthy or safety-conscious we are, the thief called death ultimately steals ours and the life of our loved ones away. (When Life is changed forever by the death of someone near). Just as birth is our entry into the world and commenced our amazing lives on earth so death is our exit from planet earth, it is the end of the earthly journey. Different people and groups hold differing views regarding the dead.

For Christians, life is changed, not ended. When the body of our earthly dwelling lies in death they gain and everlasting dwelling place in heaven. So, for Christians this transition holds no fear but rather the blessed hope of eternal life in the presence of their God. Not all people hold this Christian belief and therefore would like a ceremony that reflects their personality & individuality, life and who they were. Our civil or non-religious funeral and memorial ceremonies are perfect for you. They are individually crafted with you and your deceased loved one in mind to reflect the life of the deceased and to assist the family left behind in their grieving process. For the families left behind may want a ceremony that is sincere, unique, and true to the life of their loved ones.

Who are they for?

They are perfect for multicultural couples, couples who are seeking to wrestle and take charge of their romantic life and its associated ceremonies, for nonbelievers and non-churchgoers who are looking for meaningful Rites of Passage, especially in relation to wedding. To put it another way, they are perfect for people from differing backgrounds and traditions who want a ceremony that reflects not only their background, but their personalities, their relationship, their shared values and vision for the future.

We’re passionate about working with you to craft a wedding ceremony that reflects your needs, beliefs, culture, tradition and values of you the couple. Our ceremonies are as unique as the couples are because never has there been a wedding like yours.


Death is painful. It tears apart that which is united and one. We are hurt by death because it tears apart something good and right, something natural and normal, without respect to families or friends. When we lose a loved one, a spouse, a child, a friend, a grandparent, it seems a part of us is gone and irretrievably lost forever.

Why Funerals?

Charles Cowling cites some of the following in his book, the Good Funeral Guide as some of the reasons why celebrating funeral for your loved ones is a good idea.

Funerals help us come to terms, not with death per se, but the fact that death is part of life. They begin a process that enables the bereaved to loosen their ties with the deceased, adapt to a new reality without their loved one, and reweave the fabric of their everyday lives as best they can around irremediable absence.

Funerals though performed for the dead but are essentially for the living.

How do we work?

We offer Roman Catholic Cremation service in the crematorium, semi religious, non-denominational or Civil funeral ceremonies. We work with you to create the funeral that reflects the personality, beliefs, culture and the personality and tradition of the deceased. We do both burial and cremation funeral service.

The Funeral or Memorial Service

The funeral or memorial service cements the finality of loss to the family left behind. The good thing about civil or non-organised religious ceremony is that it is flexible and individually written by the celebrant who works with you to know what to include in the ceremony. It may include a tribute and any music, readings-poetry or prose, or symbolic gestures of your choice. You may also choose to mark the passing on of life by planting a tree, light candles, sing songs, or raise a glass in honour or in memory of the deceased loved one.