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Pre-Plan Funeral Service

We plan for many things in life such as wedding, birthdays, vacation, graduation, retirement, and even our funeral. What most people fail to do is planning the details of the last ceremony for their send off. During the funeral of the late Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburg, we heard how he planned the details of his funeral service. I am sure that was a great relief for the bereaved. It is worth remembering that you have got one shot at it, and you have got to get it right.

Pre-Plan funeral service enables you to take control of your final ceremony for your departure from the world. It ensures that your wishes and dreams would be fulfilled. It can prevent a potential family feud as sometimes the family left behind do not agree on what the best ceremony would be a fitting tribute to the deceased.

Contact us today and create you’re your personal open-hearted and memorable funeral that serves your spiritual beliefs, values and philosophy of life. With our celebrant led ceremony you are not bound by traditional or popular, musical choices for your funeral; you are free to choose music, songs and hymns which are meaningful to your life and that of your loved.