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The Secret to a Healthy and Happy Retirement.

Retirement, Retirement, Retirement! Retirement will come to most of us at some point in our career. But did you know that most retirement plans don’t cover two elements that are crucial for a healthy and happy retirement? In this video, I will reveal to you the secret to a Happy and Healthy retirement; the two elements that are essential for a happy and healthy retirement. Most retirement plans focus on how much money people should have and where they will live when they retire etc. However, research has shown that neither net worth nor location is critical to happiness in retirement. More important are factors such as attitude, resolve, emotional and psychological maturity or readiness. In other words, people can enjoy a great retirement without a net worth of a million pounds or a retirement home in an exotic location. The two most important elements crucial for a happy and healthy retirement are emotional and psychological readiness. Now, may I kindly ask you: You have built your financial portfolio but have you built your emotional and psychological portfolio too? If you’ve answered NO then here are some quotes for your reflection and consideration: 1. “The biggest mistake people make is not realizing there is a psychological component to retirement.” (USA Today) 2. “While there is lots of talk about financial portfolios when it comes to retirement, you also have to be concerned about your psychological portfolio.’” (AARP Internet Newsletter) 3. “You need to plan your psychological portfolio. Otherwise you can be thrown for a loop when you retire.” (Consumer Reports 50 Steps to a Richer Retirement) 4. Everyone says you’ve got to get ready financially, No, No, you’ve got to get ready psychologically (Lee Iacocca) 5. “With all the focus put on the financial side of planning for retirement, have you also considered the emotional side to what retirement might mean for you? Preparing yourself emotionally should be an equally important component to your planning.” (Financial Planning Association, It’s Not All About the Numbers -The Emotional Side of Planning for Your Retirement) 6. “You plan everything in life, and then the roof caves in on you because you have not done enough thinking about who you are and what you should do with the rest of your life” (Lee Iacocca, retired CEO of Chrysler) 7. Retirement Planning is not just about how much money you need, but also about how you will fill your time with worthwhile activities (Business Week Magazine) 8. “Endings are fearful; they break our connection with the comfortable setting in which we have come to know ourselves, and they awaken old memories of hurt and shame.” (William Bridges, Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes) Transition Planning UK Ltd runs workshops to help people get ready emotionally and psychologically for retirement. So whether you are planning to retire, newly retired, long retired, or wishing you never retired, Our workshops: How to live a purposeful Life or What’s Next? will offer you insights into the retirement process; learn how to overcome career losses; discover that retirement offers all kinds of possibilities; create an exciting plan for your post-career life. Explore 10 areas of your life and draw a plan for each of those areas.


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