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Wedding Ceremony

What will you get from marriage that you wouldn't get if you remained single? A wise man said, “one advantage of marriage is that when you fall out of love with your spouse, it keeps you together until you fall in love again”. You've chosen to give a public recognition to your marriage through our bespoke wedding ceremony. Wedding is a joyful occasion for both the couple, friends and family but can also be a little sad for those who do not approve of the relationship. Wedding is a celebration of love, life, caring and hope. A bringing to birth the hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the couples. Our celebratory wedding ceremonies are not legally binding or hold no legal status. So, we strongly advise couples to do the legal bit before the wedding ceremony. Our wedding ceremony offers you great freedom of expression, and the chance to structure an occasion that reflects your personality and your story. Our celebratory Civil, non-denominational ceremonies are celebrations where every word, gesture can reflect and reinforce your love, your lives, your history, and your dreams.

Who are they for?

They are perfect for multicultural couples, couples who are seeking to wrestle and take charge of their romantic life and its associated ceremonies, for nonbelievers and non-churchgoers who are looking for meaningful Rites of Passage, especially in relation to wedding. To put it another way, they are perfect for people from differing backgrounds and traditions who want a ceremony that reflects not only their background, but their personalities, their relationship, their shared values and vision for the future.

We’re passionate about working with you to craft a wedding ceremony that reflects your needs, beliefs, culture, tradition and values of you the couple. Our ceremonies are as unique as the couples are because never has there been a wedding like yours.